CNC Water Jets Good for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

CNC Water Jet Cutters: The Metal Fabrication Industries' Most Powerful and Penetrative Cutting System
CNC Water Jets Good for Heavy Duty Industrial ApplicationsCNC water jet cutters are known for their ability to deliver the most precise cuts through the most notoriously impenetrable of materials. Where other cutting systems fail the water jet cutter delivers a pressurized high velocity jet of water that is capable of slicing through steel and granites and other materials where the generation of high temperatures is of concern due to the sensitivity of the material undergoing the cut. The reason for such concerns lies in the fact that high temperatures tend to affect the innate properties of certain materials altering their properties and proving counterproductive to the quality of the cut. Additionally water jets are known for their 3-D machining heads combined with specialized software that enhances their performance and ability to make complex cuts.
The Versatile Water Jet Cutter
CNC water jet cutters have many uses and applications serving a number of different industries outside of metal fabrication such as the mining and aerospace sectors. There is hardly an industry that does not have use for the water jet cutter. They are used to perform different tasks such as reaming (the accurate puncturing of holes into materials); cutting, etching/carving and shaping all of which can be delivered by different types of water jets systems such as:
  • Abrasive water jets
  • Hybrid jets
  • Cavitation jets, utilized in the formation of cavities
  • Percussive water jets
  • Plain water jets
Some materials that the water jet can cut are:
  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Plastics
  • Composite materials
  • Stone
  • Tiles
  • Metals
  • Food
  • Paper
All of these water jets function with the same high pressure water jet stream delivered through
a water pump that connects to the nozzle which propels the water directly onto the surface of the material. In some cases additional substances are utilized to aid the water pressure in slicing through the material such as:
  • Suspended grit, an abrasive substance
  • Garnet
  • Aluminum oxide
CNC Water Jet Cutting: The Green Technology
Where other cutting systems are known to produce hazardous wastes that incurs a waste removal cost, water jet cutters distinguish themselves in that there is no cost of waste removal since there are no hazardous by-products to the water jet cutting process. Surprisingly enough these CNC water jet cutters make efficient use of the water they utilize in the cutting process, as the amount is relatively minimal and the majority of models have a closed loop system that allows for the water to be recycled for renewed use. Even some of the additive substances used to assist the water jet can be re-used as well. There is no shortage of benefits to the CNC water jet cutter as it greatly reduces some of the following typically produced by other cutting systems:
  • Smoke/fumes
  • Airborne dust particles
  • Contaminants that filter the air from cutting materials such as fiberglass.
Not only does this make the CNC water jet cutter ideal for the environment it greatly reduces the risk posed to the operators of this machinery as well as others working within the plants.
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